William's Projects

Not shown here are William's major, proprietary projects and those developed for previous employers. After all, we wouldn't want to violate any copyright laws, nondisclosure contracts, or opportunities to monetize particularly novel solutions!


Too many people call themselves "WebMaster" today who simply aren't. Merely being able to hack together some HTML fragments, then copy and paste in someone else's CSS and JavaScript (almost invariably written against a 3rd party library) doesn't make you a WebMaster. Neither does using (or even gaining mastery of) WordPress, TWiki, SharePoint, or any other Content Management System that you didn't write yourself from the ground up, by hand. It makes you a mere user, an amateur web hacker at best, and when you pitch yourself as a WebMaster and gain employment as such, you are stealing paying jobs away from the people who truly possess the skills that warrant the well-deserved title of Master!

Do we have your attention, yet? William believes very strongly in the merits of structured study, broad skill-sets, and paying your dues by clocking several hundred hands-on hours with the tools you want to claim mastery of. He has been writing desktop computer software since 1985 and authoring web pages and web applications since 1993. William has spent extensive man-hours with his hands in every layer of the web application stack, including:

The one most damning skill that William lacks is an artist's eye for web-sites; that intuitive grasp of colors and layouts that really makes some web pages beautiful. William will readily admit that he's one of the best web programmers you will ever meet, but he can only do his very best work when paired with a talented artist, which tends only to happen when he's writing web applications for employers. All of the work cited here is 100% William's own design and effort. It's usually not pretty to look at, but it is all 100% original and usually coded by hand, the hard way, except when William obviously adopted a fan-kit.

KimballStuff.COM (this very web-site)
Designed specifically for very low bandwidth consumption, this web-site is a prime example of a standards-compliant, accessible, responsive, cross-browser compatible, full-bleed (print), minimum footprint web presence.
Wolves of Mibu - Trollbane Guild (a World of Warcraft guild web-site)
William is the guild master of the Wolves of Mibu guild on the Trollbane realm game server. He used a fan-kit as the basis and wrapper for this site. It contains some very useful membership perk and coordination utilities, but they are accessible only to active guild members and officers.
Team Sol International (an international car enthusiast club that focuses on the former Honda del Sol, based in the U.S.A.)
William adopted webmaster duties for this web site in 2001 to give it a massive facelift, add features, and automate membership management. The web site went through three iterations; from simple HTML; to Microsoft ASP/JScript with a Microsoft Visual FoxPro back-end; to a PHP5/MySQL version. William ultimately became Vice-President of this club before retiring in 2006 after the loss of his own Honda del Sol.
popAuth3 (a mail gateway server hardening daemon with optional POP- before-SMTP support)
William rewrote an antiquated POP-before-SMTP project for two reasons. First, he needed POP-before-SMTP at the time so he could send e-mail through his home network from remote locations. Second, he needed an excuse to learn Perl. He says Perl is ... interesting. Even though his network operation has grown well beyond POP-before-SMTP, he still uses popAuth3. Read details on the site to find out why. Side Note: The popAuth3 site is itself a project by William. It represents a fully standards-compliant web site with 3 levels of W3C validation.
phpTimeSheet (a time tracking application)
William wrote this time tracking application in order to have an excuse to learn PHP. He says it worked and was a good exercise. He's been using it ever since to track time spent on his myriad projects.

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